Holly Jones

Episode 006: Toronto 2003, a 10-year-old girl vanishes after walking her friend home. The next day her body is found, the police have no idea who could have done it, and the entire city is on edge. Who took Holly Jones’ life away and why? Discover for yourself as we uncover the first case ever […]

The Missing: Daniel Robinson

Episode 005: In June 2021 a young geologist, Daniel Robinson, vanishes after leaving his job site in Arizona. A month passes before any real information comes up but his loving family is still left with so many pressing and unanswered questions. Something doesn’t seem to add up here. What happened to Daniel Robinson, where is […]

The Persian Princess

Episode 004: 2000 didn’t just bring us Y2K, it also came with it a mysterious mummy on the black antiquities market. Was this mummy really a Persian princess from 2600 years before? Or is she something much, much sinister and from much more recent times? This case leaves us with a lot of horrifying questions […]

The Rotenberg Cannibal

Episode 003: Germany, March 2001, saw a case that made the law and people question their own ethics when a cannibal manages to find a volunteer to be killed and eaten. Here we discuss what made Armin Meiwes tick, what he did, and hopefully not be queasy the rest of the day. This case is […]

Attic Cyber Stalker

Episode 002: 2014 in Leander Texas a case of bullying turns into horrifying cyber stalking and harassment of two young girls and eventually their families. An unknown obsessed cyber stalker targets these families, their networks, and devices. Not even replacing their devices or their service providers was enough to stop this person. The stalker was […]

The Landscape Killer

Episode 001: January 18th, 2018, saw the end of a serial killer that operated for decades without real detection within Toronto until he had already taken the lives of 8 men. Like all of the cases I cover here, this one has weighed heavy on my mind lately, there are so many layers to it. […]